Eating Disorders: Thanks a lot Hollywood!

Eating DisordersHollywood is very influential an industry for all sections of society. This film industry is known to have created a lot trends for both the old and young to follow. Sadly, one of the trends is that of eating disorders. These stars have various psychological issues that make them poor role models for various young girls in their formative years. These stars, especially the female actors, resort to serious body abuse to get to the body they desire. The wafer thin bodies are not a result of healthy diet and exercise but due to the eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia. The sad thing is that the media has brought this to our attention and instead of us becoming more cautious, young girls tend to take this up as an effective measure to keep a thin body without having to work hard and exercise.

It makes it easier for girls to maintain their bodies, study, and work and follow latest trends set up by the commercial Hollywood magazines. These magazines have photo shopped pictures of actors, models etc with the perfect body and it immediately sets up an impossible standard to follow in real life. Hence, there have been many serious cases where girls have been hospitalized for constant self abuse. Anorexia is a serious physical and mental condition where one refrains from eating at all. It is important to have a calorie intake of 1200 everyday but with anorexia one limits the calorie intake to below 200. That severely affects the organs even leading to organ failure and death. Everyday the numbers of anorexic cases are increasing which is leading most to be concerned about the sort of image that Hollywood is trying to project.

Bulimia is also another severe eating disorder which leads the individual to puke or vomit out whatever food was consumed immediately after the consumption. It is very difficult to understand why one would resort to such a drastic step. One of the reasons is to maintain a good figure but there are other deeper psychological issues which lead to bulimia and anorexia. It is important to understand the more Hollywood keep projected false images of actors and actresses with the perfect body, the young viewer will tend to believe whatever they see and strive to achieve it. it is time that Hollywood starts creating a healthier and more realistic image.

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